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Challenzyme 201

Title:Challenzyme 201

Product description

1) Product Name: Challenzyme 201

2) Chemical and Physical Data:

Appearance: Grey to Brown Powder

Ingredients: Phytase, Xylanase, Beta-glucanase, Beta-mannase, Alpha-galactosidase,  Cellulase, Acid Protease, Pectinase and Medium-temperature Amylase

Loss on Drying: Not more than 10%.

3) Functions:

Improve the digestibility of feed and reduce the feedcost.

Supply the endo-enzymes in animals to promote thedigestibility of chime.

Degrade the plant fiber in feed to release nutritionalcomponents.

Decrease the excretion of feces and improve theenvironment.

4) Recommended Dosage:

 100-200 g/MT of complete feed.

5) Package: 25kgper bag

6) Shelf Life and Storage: 12 months from date ofproduction under proper conditions in a dry, well ventilated and cool placewith packaging unopened.

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