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Coated Phytase

Title:Coated Phytase

Product description

1) Product Name: Coated Phytase

2) Chemical and Physical Data:

Enzyme Activity: 5,000U/g and 10,000U/g
Appearance: Yellow Beads
Particle size: 350-800 mm
Loss on Drying: Not more than 10%

3) Functions:

Increase the bioavailability of phosphorus.
Improve the digestibility of dietary minerals, energy and amino acids.
Decrease the feed cost, and maintain or improve animal performance.
Improve the environment by reducing the amount of phosphorus excreted by the animal more than 30%.

Maintain the enzyme activity during feed pelletization process.

4) Dosage:

Dosage recommendations of Phytase 5000U/g Coated are as following:

5) Package: 25kg per bag

6) Shelf Life and Storage: 12 months from date of production under proper conditions in a dry, well ventilated and cool place with packaging unopened.

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